A new biannual anthology from renowned literary critic John Freeman, Freeman’s: Arrival features never before published stories by Haruki Murakami, Louise Erdrich, Dave Eggers, Etgar Keret, Lydia Davis, David Mitchell, and others.

My short story entitled The Nod appears in this inaugural issue. The Nod is a i guess a kafka-esque exploration of a digital world, in this case virtual reality, to dig a little into the nuances of the tropes of cultural and social identity constructs. Can virtual reality and digital experiences help us to understand each other?

A quote from The Nod:

"The heads were arranged in HEX color order, each a slightly different variant of the previous, resulting in a spectrum of color codes right through from #000000 to #FFFFFF. The head facing User010 was a tepid, sort of noncommittal brown—a #BCAF9F, if you will. Desperate to escape this space, User010 reached forward, touching “SELECT ME” and upon doing so realizing he had done exactly what he had been told he would do."