The Golden Sack

The City of London is undergoing rapid transformation. The sand sacks that occur in large numbers on the streets of the city are overlooked by-products of the monumental building works currently reshaping London.  This ‘objet trouve’, almost worthless but containing multiple ambiguous meanings is the centre of this work. 

Artist and academic Rut Blees Luxemburg, working together with the writer and artist Michael Salu, instigates a series of ‘bill boards’ that feature the ubiquitous sacks.

Continuing our collaborative work, process Blees Luxemburg and I explored the semantic data inherent within our urban landscapes and wondering whether an ephemeral deployment of the most rudimentary but ubiquitous linguistic form [in text and image], can itself be subverted to instead draw attention to the lost intangibles that must survive these city spaces as they evolve and consume without pause.

The Golden Sack exhibition was part of Urban Photo Fest 2016.


Exhibition photos © Stefano Carnelli