The Children of the Children

A performative reading of my recent short story 'The Children of the Children' performed by Emmanuella Cole and Nathan Ives-Moiba at Google Campus. The Children of the Children is a story that takes an oblique, forensic look at generations of disillusionment and alienation through the distorted lens of the little discussed issue of mental health problems with young people in the UK’s inner cities. The fragmented, cinematic, multiple identity structure of the story, is an echo to our instant image, semiotically heightened culture and our detachment from the actual and consumption of our dreams through our own tiny screens. The story’s zenith is nestled in the riots of a few summers ago, one of the most intense spectacles of recent British history that has already been swept under our society’s carpet with little examination of the root causes of such a furor. Modern masculinity is fraught, teetering precariously with identity channeled through canons of exploitation, be that consumerism or extremism as witnessed recently in Woolwich.

nb Excuse the poor quality recording.