Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable.

My contribution to this fantastic anthology is a meandering and somewhat hungover semiotic exploration of New York, through which i ponder the juxtaposition of its two dimensional simulacrum exports, with the realities of disparity and systematic oppression and exploitation. 

A quote from Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable:

It opens with the sound of a storm. Rain and thunder loom menacingly outside, kept temporarily at bay by the partition of a window pane. The Gladys Knight of “The Way We Were” gently encourages Raekwon to speak, coaxing from him an anguished ode to a way of life born of a splintered fallout from the twentieth century economic and racial tumult. Ghostface, in typical gladiatorial stance, interjects, touching up the paint on the walls of hallowed stairways on project blocks, stepping reverentially over the bodies that failed to make it.

Tales of Two Cities also now appears in french. Published by Actes Sud.