Michael Salu x Nils Frahm x Vinyl me please

A special commission for Vinyl Me Please “The best damn record club out there” and Nils Frahm for a special limited edition of his already classic album ‘Spaces’.

Nils Frahm uniquely merges classical melodic forms and an underlying modular geometry, which is something these algorithmic images set to echo. Each are generative works that use simple formulas of repetition to create densely layered aesthetics, rather like Nil’s work itself which always appear perfectly formed. Nature has an inherent algorithmic structure whether that be the composition of a plant or that of a sound.

Spaces also led to thinking about the use of negative space, or space being as important to a work be that sound or image.

Limited edition fine art prints are now available from our online pop up store. Pick one up whilst you still can!