Photograph of my film installation    Yesterday    at   Outline Festival 2014  . Photo ©  Camille Blake

Photograph of my film installation Yesterday at Outline Festival 2014. Photo ©Camille Blake

I’d occasionally catch a glimpse of a lone man by the railway tracks, sometimes two. They would usually be sitting in comfortable silence on their overcoats, resting against the steep grassy verges leading up to the steel of the tracks. Sometimes, I’d see a drink in hand. Sometimes it would be a solitary, shirtless man, staring off towards the concreted landscapes beyond. I found this melancholy image intriguing and later asked a Russian friend what it was about. Her reply was simple: “That is the soul of Russia.
— A quote from Art Beats

Russia is a place that has held great fascination for me ever since I happened upon some of its great works of literature as a child. In this essay for Calvert Journal, I talk a little about my last visit.