Some thoughts on language and perception - A podcast

“Is there a case to suggest that language as we know it doesn’t actually belong to us anymore?”5x15Amsterdam third speaker Michael Salu explores how technology impacts languages, social behaviour and ultimately, alters our ability to perceive.

Michael Salu is a writer, artist and critic, whose work and ideas are executed through a multidisciplinary practice. His writing, art and talks have focused on where the evolving semantics of technology, language and identity meet.

His written work has appeared in a number of literary journals, anthologies and art publications including Freeman’s Journal and Catapult. He has exhibited and screened art projects internationally and is the owner and creative director of S.A.L.U, a multidisciplinary creative consultancy collaborating with clients around the globe.

Recorded at 5x15 in Amsterdam in March 2019.

5x15 Amsterdam brings together 5 outstanding speakers, who each have 15 minutes to share their lives, dreams and passions.

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Here is a video snippet from my text ‘Lazarus’ during our evening of Body Texts. I closed with thoughts on claustrophobia, within the body, within space, within the hegemonic realities both physical and digital. Lazarus is the story of an unnamed person that wakes up in a box in a morgue after a lynching and ruminates what it means to be alive, with no memory or comprehension of pain or the ravages of history. 

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